On a Mission.

Teleportal's mission is to provide the world access to the most secure and intuitive computing tools.

We believe Spatial Computing will define the next era of the Information Age. How the technology powering this future is built determines what it can do. Teleportal is helping build it right so it can do good. The decentralized networking core in Teleportal is designed to respect users' right to privacy. The Teleportal SDK empowers creators everywhere to help build a better future.

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For Creators by Creators.

Teleportal was founded by Tom Suarez in 2017. At age 15, Tom created WiTag, Augmented Reality (AR) Laser Tag for smartphones. At its peak, WiTag reliably served over 45,000 real-time players. The networking and localization engine that powered WiTag has evolved, undergone various redesigns and is now Teleportal.