Teleportal SDK

The ultimate framework for spatial software development.

Software is moving from the flat surfaces of our smartphones and PCs into the space around us. Developers of spatial software require new tools. The Teleportal SDK provides real-time 3D data management, multi-user networks, voice chat, a Service API and more.

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Multi-user Networks

Connect 10,000 users in a single, real-time shared 3D space. Interfaces with iOS + Android, Oculus, PC, Mac and more.

Real-time Virtual Spaces

A simple framework inspired by the real world. TPRealms provide sandboxed 3D environments with shared and persistent objects.

Custom Service API

Create extensions to Teleportal experiences such as IoT connections and integrations with APIs around the web with NodeJS.

Additional features:

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Try the Teleportal SDK

YeetChat is a free chat application powered by the Teleportal SDK. Easily create and share private hangout spaces with friends and family.